Linda Bretti, the President of Linda Richards Inc. always knew she would be a designer. Since high school, she was determined to make a mark in this industry and impact the way women dress in the United States. Being a member of the B. Altmans Junior Fashion Board was a launching pad to what would become a lucrative career in the world of fashion.

Her first true foray into the fashion world was at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York where she won the prestigious Lucille Coleman Scholarship for Excellence in Fashion Design & Merit in Textile Science.

While at the Fashion Institute, Linda worked at Barney’s New York where she started in Designer Men’s Wear. Her responsibilities grew at Barney’s and with her keen sense of design and focus on customer service, she landed an opportunity to work as a personal shopper for famous Americans and to be a merchandiser for daytime TV dramas as well as a major motion picture.

After the Fashion Institute of Technology, Linda was accepted into the Executive Training Program at Bloomingdale’s where she eventually helped to open up Boulevard Four. Linda worked for the most part in women’s fashion as an assistant buyer focusing on the designs of Calvin Klein, Anne Klein, Jenny, Complice and Missoni. She also worked closely with Donatella Girambili developing a designer business in White Flint near Washington D.C. for Bloomingdale’s and co-bought one of the first collections for Donna Karan.

In November 1985 Linda decided it was time to go out on her own and founded Linrich Designs, Inc. The original concept behind Linda Richards was to focus on European-inspired coats at affordable prices. Linda felt there was a void to fill. Her initial collection was unveiled soon after to great accolades in the industry. Demand from her customers prompted Linda Richards to expand into a complete line of sportswear, including suits and separates using her signature gabardine.

Over the years since the founding of Linda Richards, the reputation grew consistently in the United States and has become a formidable brand name with considerable label recognition. Linda Richards has also appeared consistently in major media including print publications like, Women's Wear Daily, Mode Magazine, Women's Day, Vogue, Good Housekeeping and the Ladies Home Journal. Proprietor Linda Bretti was also featured in television shows including appearances on Good Day New York, Channel 7 News, The View, News Channel 12 and the Today Show. Her designs have also found their way into prime time television shows like Who's the Boss and major motion pictures, like Sleepless in Seattle.

During the past 36 years, Linda has also strived to give back to the community and participates in a wealth of events, including fashion shows for various women's Hadassah groups, and the Tomorrow's Children's Fund. She was a guest lecturer at FIT and has also participated in a series of career days for New York High Schools. She speaks frequently on the subject of fashion and merchandising, and was honored to be the commencement graduation speaker for the Tobe Colburn Institute in 1992 at Lincoln Center. 

After three decades in New York's fashion district,  Linda Richards moved into a new location in Westchester, NY, where all operations are consolidated into one area. As the President of Linda Richards, Linda Bretti wishes to be in touch with all aspects from design and production to sales, promotion, and customer service.

Traveling extensively through Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, Linda continues to draw inspiration from all her experiences to create designs that balance elegance, with form and function. 

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